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Skype Addon Download – xSky Review

Do you use Skype? You’re probably one of millions of people who use free Skype download to their computer or iPod or smartphone to take advantage of a vast array of possibilities that Skype offers. My son uses Skype on his iPod Touch to talk to his friend for FREE! However, when you start using Skype more seriously, you’ll notice that it lacks some useful features. For example, it doesn’t allow you to add your contact to a category before they accepted your contact request. Today we introduce you to a software that act as Skype addon or Skype extra to supercharge it. The software we are reviewing today is xSky Software.

xSky is able to beef up Skype for you by adding so many features and capabilities to it. Here are SOME of the features: Utilize the Multi-Search feature to explore more than one contact at a time from different areas; Contact Management the quick and seamless way; No need to sweat over organizing your contacts; Use xSky to find the right people for you on Skype; Personalized messages sent to your group members addressing them by their first name. We’ll talk about xSky more. Let’s get to xSky Review.

The product review you are about to read is for a Skype Add on program called xSky Software. This review will consist of the following sections:

  • A compact and useful summary of the product information
  • Manufacturer or publisher’s description explaining the product in detail
  • Statistics and review to give you some insights on how good the product is
  • Steps to take to buy and download the product
  • Discussion forum in the form of comments to this post to discuss pros and cons

Product Summary


xsky software

    • Name: xSky Software
    • Publisher: xSky Software, LLC
    • 7-Day Trial Price: $4.95
    • Pro Price: $27.00
    • Website: 

Publisher’s Description


This is an excerpt of the publisher’s description that includes some features of the product. For full information please refer to their website.

Network Faster, Easier, and More Effective! xSky makes it ridiculously easy to communicate with your list! Write your message, add a Firstname Tag to make it personal, and send it out to thousands of people instantly!

Manage & Organize Your Contacts! Having a hard time keeping an overview of your Contact List? Skype already has a Category system built into it, however it is very tedious to navigate it.
That’s the past however, because xSky gives you perfect overview of your Contacts – Know what Contacts are in what Categories, Add/Remove multiple Contacts to/from Categories, and have all your Categories laid out nicely in front of you. Contact Management is easy with xSky, simply because it should be!

Lift The Skype Limitation

  • Skype has a silly limitation when it comes to Categories - you can't add Contacts to a Category, before they have accepted your Contact Request! Well, that's kind of a bummer, when you want to keep track of what people you added from where, if/when they ask you. We give you: xSky Lists! Not only is processing an xSky List a lot faster than a Skype Category, it allows you to add ALL Contacts - That means you can even keep track of people who did not add you yet!


Statistics and Review


So we have learned quite a bit about this Skype marketing addon. Now is time to ask will xSky work? xSky helps Skype users get a better grip out of Skype by providing some new features and supercharge some other existing Skype features. It’s a good marketing tool enabling marketers to find new customers, connect with them then manage all the contacts they created very easily and efficiently. However, if you’re a regular Skype user who just fires Skype once in while and don’t have a lot of contacts to manage, you probably can do without xSky.

But if you’re thinking about building your contact list seriously or you already have a large contact list, then xSky will save you a lot of time and effort managing those contacts. It can be a powerful tool in hands of marketers to more effectively reach out to potential customers.

Consumer Approval is a ranking which indicates the rate of buyer refund of this software. Obviously, the lower the rate of refund, the more satisfied is the consumer so when the refund rate is low it means the end user approves the usability and performance of the program. According to the payment processor that captures the sales and processes the refunds, xSky has lower than 3% refund rate that puts the Consumer Approval at above 97%!! This is extremely good rating for this Skype supercharger program.

xSky Software Consumer Approval = 97% (Very High)

Sales Level indicates how good a product is selling and therefore is an indicator of buyer interest. This indicator is important for the fact that experience showed us that quality products typically have high buyer interest and will sell good. According to the payment processor, this Skype marketing tool sells very good at 82% which is very high.

xSky Software Sales Level = 82% (High)

Now that we examined this software’s different statistics, we will move to closer look at it.

market with skype   The indicators above tell us people are buying this product at a very good level and those who  bought it were very satisfied with the software. But will you really need xSky? Well, I haven’t seen  or heard of a similar software that acts as a Skype plugin or add on. xSky is somewhat unique in  its class. It has nifty features like these: xSky offers a better way to grow and manage your  business and Skype contacts than ever before. xSky has the most advanced features of any  Skype add-on software and it is EASY to use! Most E-Mail advertisements go straight into the  junk or spam folders, and never get opened. But xSky provides a way for marketers to get their  advertisement read by new people.

   If you’re a marketer or have a large Skype contact list to deal with, I definitely recommend xSky  Software. You can even try it for 7 days unrestricted for just under $5!!

Based on the facts above, I believe xSky will be a powerful tool and a big time saver if it’s used  correctly. I give an Overall Rating of 9.8 out of 10.


xSky Software Overall Rating = 9.8/10 (Very High)  


build contact list with skype


How to Buy


Step 1: Click on the button below to exit this website and go to the official publisher’s website. You will confirm your purchase there.

Go to official website

Step 2: Confirm your purchase by entering your information.

Step 3: Download your software and start using your supercharged Skype!




So what do you think of xSky? Have you used it? If so, what do you think of its positives or negatives? Please do share below in the Comments section.


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